Welcome to the Before & After Gallery!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, hundreds of pictures are worth even more! Go through hundreds of before and after pictures (on this page and in the office) and see the end results for yourself. It is important to note that all of his before and after pictures are of his actual recent patients, unedited, with the same camera, lighting, and pose. Don’t be fooled by Photoshopped or altered photographs and lighting tricks. You can see these honest before and after photos for yourself compare them with other surgeons’ results. Seeing is definitely believing!

Browse through Dr. Truong's Before and After Galleries below. Click individual pictures to blow up the size or play through all of them as a slideshow.

Warning: this photo gallery displays actual surgical results and contains partial nudity. All photos are property of Dr. Truong and are displayed with written consent of his actual patients. It is unlawful to download, copy, or reproduce these images without prior written consent from the doctor and his patients.

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