Cosmetic Surgery Prices

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Breast SurgeryCBBA
Brest Augmentation (saline)$6,500.00
Breast Augmentation (Memory Gel)$7,000.00
Breast Lift (w/o Implants)$6,500.00
Breast Lift with Augmentation (Saline)$8,000.00
Breast Lift with Augmentation (Silicone)$8,500.00
Nipple Repositioning Lift$5,500.00
Breast Reduction$9,500.00
Breast Reduction with Augmentation (Saline)$11,000.00
Breast Reduction with Augmentation (Silicone)$11,500.00
Breast Liposuction$4,500.00
Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)$6,500.00
Implant Removal$4,500.00
Facial Surgery
Brow Lift$8,3500.00
Mid-Face Lift$8,8500.00
Brow and Mid-Face Lift$13,350.00
Full Face Lift (S-Lift)$10,050.00
Isolated Neck Lift$7,000.00
Full Face and Neck Lift$13,350.00
Precision Tx (laser face-lift)$4,500.00
Upper Blepharoplasty$3,500.00
Lower Blepharoplasty$4,500.00
U & L Blepharoplasty$7,500.00
Asian Double Eyelid Surgery$4,500.00
Otoplasty (bilateral)$7,850.00
Chin Implant$6,050.00
Cheek Implant$6,050.00
Submental Lipo (under chin)$2,500.00
Earlobe Repair (each)$750.00
Fractionated Laser Resurfacing$1,600.00
Body Surgery
Full Tummy Tuck$7,500.00
Fleur-de-lis Tummy Tuck (Massive weight Loss)$9,000.00
Mini Tummy Tuck$6,000.00
Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)$7,500.00
Inner Thigh Lift$7,500.00
Buttock Lift$8,000.00
Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer to Buttock)$6,500.00
Primary Area$3,900.00
Each Additional Area/Secondary$3,000.00
Upper & Lower Abdomen$5,400.00
Flanks (Muffin Top)$3,900.00
Upper Back$3,900.00
Upper Arms$3,900.00
Submental (under chin)$3,900.00
Cellulaze (Cellulite Correction)$4,500.00
Nose Surgery
Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty$9,000.00
Cosmetic Gynecology
Labia Majora reduction$3,500.00
Labia Minora reduction$3,500.00
Labia Majora & Minora reduction$5,000.00
Mons Pubis reduction (Smart Lipo)$3,500.00
Mons Pubis Lift$4,500.00
Mona Lisa Touch 3 treatments$3,000.00
“O” – shot$750.00
Rejuv – Chip (libido implant)$500.00
Laser Genital Bleaching$1,000.00
Botox/25 units$375.00
Juvederm Ultra Plus (per syringe)      $750.00
Juvederm Ultra (per syringe)$700.00
Voluma (per syringe) cheek, nose, chin$1,000.00
Liquid Facelift (2 Voluma, 1 Juvederm Ultra, 50u Botox)$2,900.00
Laser Services (per treatment)
PicoSure Tattoo Removal (per sq inch)$50.00
Fractional Resurfacing – Full Face$1,200.00
Fractional Resurfacing – Cheeks$750.00
Acne Scars – Full Face$1,200.00
Acne Scars – Cheeks$750.00
Surgical Scar Treatment$750.00
Strech Mark Treatment$750.00
Photofacial – Full Face$1,200.00
Laser Hair Removal – lip or chin$125.00
Laser Hair Removal – underarms$250.00
Laser Hair Removal – bikini line$250.00
Laser Hair Removal – brazilian$500.00
Laser Hair Removal -lower legs$750.00
Laser Hair Removal – full legs$1,200.00
Laser Hair Removal – chest$750.00
Laser Hair Removal – full back$1,200.00
Aesthetic Skin Services
Chemical Peel$175.00

DISCLAIMER: Chicago Plastic Surgery Prices listed are our standard pricing for the procedures and includes materials including implants.  Prices are exclusive of anesthesia and facility fees.  Prices are contingent upon full evaluation by the surgeon and are subject to change based on scale and scope of work as well as anesthesia time required.  You will receive an individualized quote once your consultation and evaluation are completed.  Quotes are valid for 6 months but may change at any time if the operative plan changes due to your preference, surgeon’s recommendation, or changes in material costs or your physical condition.  The actual price may be less once  discounts and specials are applied. Financing fees may also apply.