Earlobe Reconsturction Surgery in Chicago

Ear Gauge Repair Surgery | Downtown Chicago, IL

Repair Torn Earlobes With This Simple But Amazing Reconstruction Surgery

If you have torn earlobes due to gauges or other mishaps, there is something you can do...

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Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong

“Whether you are making a career change, want to look more professional, or you’ve just outgrown the style, your stretched earlobes don’t have to stay with you forever!  My technique for earlobe repair surgery is a simple and elegant solution to restore earlobes to a natural appearance.  Because the stretched skin is completely excised, there is no tale-tell sign of a closed hole once the incision completely heals.”

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How much is not getting that new job or next promotion costing you?

The fun and foolishness of youth sometimes comes back to bites us when we're older. But why cry over spilled milk when you can just clean it up?

You can get earlobe reconstructive surgery affordably right in downtown Chicago. It's a simple and fast procedure that leaves relatively small scars.

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