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95% Of Reviewers Deem Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty was given a 95% "Worth It" ratings from which makes it one of the highest rated procedures available today.

Dr. Kafali has distinguished herself as one of the premier Cosmetic Gynecologic Surgeons in the Chicago area. She received the Patients' Choice and Most Compassionate Doctor Award, and was selected one of the Top 10 Best Ob/Gyn in IL.

Dr. Sue Kafali, Labiaplasty Surgeon

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Dr. Sue Kafali, a female cosmetic gynecologist, will have an intimate discussion about your goals. She will reassure that, with the right surgeon, there is nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about. Hundreds of women have been in your shoes, and 95% of them are happy they went through with their labiaplasty.


What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure for altering the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva. This type of procedure can include monsplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, G-spot augmentation, clitoral unhooding, frenuloplasty, perineoplasty, fat injections, and combinations of these.

Labia minora reductions are more common than labia majora reductions or augmentations, although both are a growing field in plastic surgery.

Labia hypertrophy is the increased growth of either the labia minora or labia majora in relationship to each another. Although labial hypertrophy is not strictly defined yet as a pathologic condition, patients who have aesthetic or functional concerns may benefit from labial reductions.

Significant hypertrophy of the labia can cause pain, irritation, and discomfort with clothing. The psychological problem of not feeling 'normal' in comparison to the perceived ideal anatomy cannot be underestimated.

Labiaplasty surgeries are expected to continue to increase in frequency as the techniques and procedures become more defined. The popularity of the procedure is expected to increase as knowledge of the benefits increase.

According to one study done in 2000, of 163 labia minora reductions, 87% of patients had labiaplasty surgery for aesthetic reasons, while 64% desired surgery because of discomfort in everyday clothing. In the same study, 85% had bilateral labiaplasty, compared with 15% who had asymmetric hypertrophy requiring a unilateral procedure.

There are several reasons a patient may desire this particular procedure, including functional and aesthetic concerns. Severe labia minora hypertrophy may cause pain when wearing underwear, riding a bicycle, exercising, or having sexual intercourse. Patients have reported insecurities about appearances with a sexual partner or while wearing tight-fitting clothing, such as bathing suits.

In the same manner that children report being teased about physical features, numerous slang terms are associated with excess labial tissue and are often psychologically damaging and increase social anxiety. Recent trends in pubic hair grooming have led to increased visibility of and increase focus on the labia. gives the procedure a huge thumbs up, with 441 women so far who went through the procedure returned a 95% “worth it” rating over 24 months.

Pregnancy and weight gain can increase the fat accumulation and ptosis of female genitalia, predominantly the labia majora. Therefore, after childbirth or significant weight loss, a patient may desire to have the wrinkled appearance or increased size of her labia addressed. The remarkable difference it has made to boost the confidence of those who have undergone the surgery cannot be understated.

It appears that more and more women will flock to this procedure to enhance their lives enormously.

Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong

With her training, skill, and expertise, Dr. Kafali has become one of the leaders in the field of cosmetic gynecology.  She truly cares about her patients and is a meticulous surgeon.  Come discover why she is quickly becoming the “go-to” surgeon for labiaplasty and vaginal enhancement!

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