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Who Is Dr. Truong, and Why Should You Trust Him?

Voted One of America’s Top Surgeons in the Field of Cosmetic Surgery by Consumer’s Research Council of America

Men and women from all over the country come to Chicago to see Dr. Truong. His amazing results earned him the reputation as the "breast & body specialist," that's why he named his Chicago center, Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics. 

Dr. Truong is a board certified cosmetic surgeon with a long list of academic awards and professional accolades.

Dr. completed medical school at University of Colorado School of Medicine where he was encouraged to pursue a surgical career by his professors who saw in him the rare combination of intellect and talented hands that are the hallmarks of an excellent surgeon.

Dr. Truong served as Chief Resident at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Lutheran General Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, and St. Francis Hospital. During his surgical training, Dr. Truong received numerous awards and was published for his research work in skin regeneration and artificial skin.

Dr. Truong pursued his interests in aesthetic surgery by gaining acceptance to a highly competitive American Academy Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship. During his fellowship, Dr. Truong dedicated an entire year exclusively to the art and practice of Cosmetic Surgery. His training included facial rejuvenation techniques, breast and body restorative surgeries, liposuction and body sculpting, as well as minimally invasive aesthetic surgery, and laser surgery.


Mini Tummy Tuck FAQs

Tummy tucks are a popular body contouring procedure that can benefit both men and women alike. A mini tummy tuck is a variation of this procedure and can deliver satisfactory results for many people. Understanding the differences between the two procedures is important so you can choose which one is best for you.

At Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics, Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong believes it’s important to have all of your questions answered before moving forward with a mini tummy tuck or any cosmetic procedure. Below he has listed answers to some of the most common questions people have about mini tummy tucks. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • 1

    Am I a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck?

    Do you have loose abdominal skin?

A good candidate for a mini tummy tuck has loose, sagging skin primarily below the belly button. For example, women who have a relatively slim abdomen but have a small pouch above their C-section scars are common candidates for a mini tummy tuck. Good candidates will be at a stable weight, have good skin tone and elasticity and only need a small amount of stomach skin removed.

Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago

  • 2

    What’s the difference between a tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck?

    A mini tummy tuck is for people with minimal excess skin.

A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss and patients should reach their goal weight prior to undergoing surgery. However, if you have subcutaneous fat around your abdomen that persists despite your best weight loss efforts, Dr. Truong can include liposuction in your abdominoplasty procedure to better contour the midsection

Mini Abdomionplasty, Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago

  • 3

    Can I get pregnant after a mini tummy tuck?

    Pregnancy is entirely possible.

Having a healthy pregnancy after a mini tummy tuck is entirely possible. However, it is best to wait until you are finished having children to schedule your surgery. Abdominal stretching during a subsequent pregnancy may affect your results and could require a revision surgery.

Chicago Mini Tummy Tuck

  • 4

    Can I include other procedures with my mini tummy tuck?

    Many people do.

Many people choose to include other procedures with a mini tummy tuck to further enhance their results. For example, liposuction gives your cosmetic surgeon a greater opportunity to slim and sculpt beautiful stomach contours. Some women choose to have a breast augmentation with a mini tummy tuck for a better overall improvement and sexier curves. Tummy tucks are frequently included in a mommy makeover.

Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago IL

  • 5

    What can I expect during my recovery?

    1-2 weeks of downtime

While your exact recovery process will depend on how your body responds to surgery and whether you have combined your mini tummy tuck with any additional procedures, most people experience some swelling and bruising, particularly around the incision site. You can plan on around 1 to 2 weeks of downtime before returning to work and normal daily activities. Your cosmetic surgeon will advise when to return to more strenuous activities, such as exercising.

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  • 6

    Will I have scars after a mini tummy tuck?

    Dr. Truong makes every effort to discretely conceal the scar.

Any surgery will result in scars, but a mini tummy tuck typically leaves behind a smaller scar than a traditional tummy tuck. Dr. Truong makes every effort to discretely conceal the scar so that it will be hidden by most underwear and bathing suits. Most mini tummy tuck recipients feel that the benefits of the procedure far outweigh the resulting scar.

  • 7

    How long will I have to wait before seeing my final results?

    Results are typically visible by 3 to 6 months after surgery.

The majority of your swelling and bruising will resolve within several weeks following your surgery. Although each person heals at a different rate and individuals who have a combination of procedures may require more time for recovery, final mini tummy tuck results are typically visible by 3 to 6 months after surgery.

  • 8

    How much is a mini tummy tuck in Chicago?

    Mini tummy tuck cost

The price of a mini tummy tuck is a little less than full abdominoplasty. Results and experience should be what you decide on, not price (because it only varies a little from surgeon to surgeon).

Remember also to get a qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has been thoroughly trained in the mini tummy tuck procedure, and has done a lot of these surgeries.

Cost of a Mini Tummy Tuck

Reviews From Happy Clients

I went to Dr. Truong for breast augmentation. After breastfeeding my now 3 year old daughter, my breast size decreased drastically. I went from a 36 A to a negative A cup.

I am now a 34 C and could not be any happier. He did an AMAZING job! My breasts are full and look very natural. If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, you must visit Dr. Truong!!!

- Alexandra Zola

Dr. Truong is the most caring and amazing surgeon there is. His work is done in a very professional manner and to the finest detail possible. I would highly reccomend him to anyone that is looking to have any work done. He performed a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on me-and lets just say that the results were beyond my expectations. I cant say enough about how great of a surgeon he is.


Best Decision Ever!

Dr. Truong Was great and I couldn't ask for a better doctor! He answered every question that I had. I did my homework for a whole year before going through with the surgery.

I recommend that you trust no other Dr with this type of surgery because looks matter. And one little mistake can be the difference. I'm glad that I chose wisely. Thanks again to Dr. Truong


I had breast surgery with Dr. Truong and I was very pleased and happy with my results and with how they looked and felt. I loved their staff and how fast, kind and accurate they were. Love Lve Love them!!!I highly recommend them!


I would highly recommend Dr. Truong and staff.

I went to his office for a breast augmentation consultation and knew right away he was the doctor for me. He was honest, understanding and most of all, he listened to me.

I booked my surgery and was excited to finally look and feel my best. The morning of my surgery was finally here! My Husband took me to the surgery center and the staff prepared me for the O.R.

Dr. Truong came in and talked to me a bit, then walked me into the operating room. I woke up feeling groggy, but I had full breasts!

I was in recovery for an hour or so when Dr. Truong came to see me. I was released and went home straight to bed.

By the next evening I was at the mall! I didn't need my pain meds anymore either! I am very satisfied with my results.

I honestly can say that I would do it all over again. It was a very easy procedure for me even being I have never even had a tooth pulled.


Before & Afters

Dr. Truong's before & after gallery is second to none, with years of experience, 100s of surgeries,  and zero serious complications, it's no wonder he's known as the "Breast & Body Specialist."

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We 100% guarantee that you'll have an amazing experience when you come in for your complimentary consultation. You will get our special VIP treatment. You will get to sit down with Dr. Truong and get all of your questions answered. In fact, we're so confident that you'll love you're experience with us, that if you are dissatisfied in any way, we'll buy you any product from our exclusive line of SkinCeuticals.

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Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago (“Mini Abdominoplasty”)

A Mini Tummy Tuck is a major cosmetic surgery, which entails the removal of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. The muscles of the abdominal areas wall are also tightened throughout a Mini Tummy Tuck. Frequently carried out in combination with lipo, this treatment can significantly reduce the look of a sticking out abdomen. Mini Abdominoplasty is particularly helpful to females whose abdomens have stretch far during pregnancy. For lots of females, the only method to assist return it to its previous shape is with surgery.

Suitable candidates for Mini Tummy Tucks are those who are in good health and are at a healthy weight. In addition, they are having trouble losing a huge fat deposit or loose stomach skin, that which will not respond to work out or dieting.

Infection and blood clots are several of the possible threats connected with Mini Tummy Tuck surgical treatment. These are uncommon and can be quickly dealt with, as advised by Dr. Truong.

Mini Abdominoplasty vs. Full Tummy Tuck

There are a range of plastic surgery treatments that can assist to enhance your figure, such as Mini Tummy Tuck surgical treatment. It can be really be carried out either as a full Tummy Tuck or a Mini Tummy Tuck. The type of Mini Tummy Tuck technique picked will depend on your condition and exactly what you wish to attain with this procedure. Even if you are committed to a good diet and routine exercise, excess fat can gather in the abdominal location and simply sit there, causing aggravation. The most common sort of patients who get Mini Tummy Tuck surgical treatment are ladies who are have actually had numerous pregnancies and are now entrusted a protruding belly.

Throughout a Mini Tummy Tuck procedure:

Dr. Truong will separate the skin from the stomach wall all the way as much as the ribs.

He brings the underlying muscle and tissue together prior to stitching them, which narrows the waistline and strengthens the stomach wall.

Stomach skin is drawn down and its excess is eliminated. A brand-new opening is cut for the navel with the Full Abdominoplasty . Both lacerations are then sewn closed.

The client will have a flatter abdominal areas. Although scars are irreversible, they will fade with time.

A Mini Tummy Tuck is finest if the storage of excess fat sits primarily in your lower abdominal areas. It will effectively improve the appearance of loose, stretched out skin. Generally carried out as an outpatient procedure, Mini Abdominoplasty has a quicker recovery time than with a complete Mini Tummy Tuck. Throughout this treatment, a little, horizontal incision is made just above the pubic area, where the discreetly-placed scar can be concealed with clothes. Excess skin is then cut and removed, while the rest is stitched back together for a firmer quality and look. This treatment will ultimately assist you to lose the pouch in your lower abdominal areas.

The Mini Abdominoplasty is regarded as a procedure that is minimally invasive; compared to a Full Abdominoplasty, it permits the navel to stay undamaged. A Mini Abdominoplasty can last between one to 2 hours, while a full Abdominoplasty could take about two to five hours. There are a couple of distinct differences in between the two strategies. Besides the longer, hip-to-hip mark a Full Abdominoplasty produces, along with the repositioning of the belly button, it also involves muscles tightening up. Dr. Truong will suggest that you restrain yourself from work and activities throughout a longer period than if you were to go through a Mini Tummy Tuck, because this procedure is more elaborate as it includes a much larger incision and a big quantity of skin removal.

For both the Mini Tummy Tuck and Full Abdominoplasty strategies, you might receive general anesthesia or regional anesthesia with a sedative, depending upon certain aspects. In order to get rid of additional fat, Dr. Truong can carry out lipo in conjunction with an Mini Abdominoplasty approach, which will help to contribute to a smoother abdominal profile. For additional details about Mini Tummy Tuck surgical treatment, please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Truong’s workplace and schedule a consultation for a preliminary appointment.

Who is a great candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A good prospect for Mini Abdominoplasty:

  • Has a weight that has been stable for 6 months or even more.
  • Is close to his/her ideal body weight (within about 30 percent).
  • Wants to remove diet- and exercise-resistant loose skin or fat in certain areas.
  • Has good complexion and flexibility.
  • Is realistic in his or her objectives and expectations.
  • Shows to be emotionally stable.
  • Comprehends the possible threats related to Mini Tummy Tuck surgery.

Initial Consultation

Throughout the initial assessment, Dr. Truong will do a complete assessment of your wellness, figure out the level of your condition (the quantity of fat deposits surrounding your abdomen), and evaluate your skin tone. It is essential to be certain about exactly what you would such as done. You could wish to bring underclothing or your preferred swimsuit bottoms, in order get ready for the appropriate treatment plan and picture exactly how your scar can be hidden. Dr. Truong will take the time to comprehend your expectations and figure out if your goals are practical. Depending on the goals you’ve set and your condition, you might not have to go through a Mini Tummy Tuck. Liposuction, performed by itself, might develop the very best result. This can be talked about with Dr. Truong during your appointment.

If you have other conditions such as diabetes, inadequate flow, heart, lung or liver illness, smoke, have a family history of blood clots, take particular medicines, etc., you are at an enhanced risk of problems. Therefore, prior to you choose to undergo a treatment, it is important that you extensively disclose your case history. Here, at Dr. Truong’s office, just board licensed physicians will administer anesthesia. You can search for all info about anesthesiologists under Patient Education.

The best ways to prepare for your upcoming procedure with Dr. Truong.

You will understand the best ways to get ready for a Mini Tummy Tuck prior to surgery, as you will receive guidelines and guidelines on what to eat and drink. You will also discover which vitamins and medicines are acceptable to take, on assessment day.

If you smoke, it is vital that you plan to quit a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to your surgical treatment; you ought to likewise not smoke a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks after your treatment. You need to prevent overexposure to the sun or tanning beds before surgical treatment as well, specifically in the stomach location. As this can inhibit your capability to recover, do not go on a stringent diet plan prior to surgical treatment. Need to you establish an infection or cold of any sort, make certain to let Dr. Truong called soon as possible. Your surgical treatment may have to be held off.

You ought to organize for someone to drive you house, in addition to organize for someone to care for you about one to two days after surgery. (It might be necessary to also have somebody drive you to and from for your very first few follow-up gos to.) Some clients favor to recuperate in an aftercare center, while others choose to recover in your home.

Mini Abdominoplasty could be the very best choice for you if you are sensible in your objectives and expectations. A complete Mini Tummy Tuck produces an irreversible mark and a lengthy recovery period, but if you are gotten ready for this outcome, it could be the right selection.

Getting Your Life Back to Normal

You may not feel like yourself once again for a couple of weeks or a few months. Nevertheless, if you are in excellent physical condition and have strong stomach muscles, recovering from Mini Abdominoplasty will be much swifter. While numerous patients are unable to return to work for about 3 or four weeks, some individuals can go back to work after two weeks. Usually, it takes about 5 to 7 days to begin driving again.

Even if you are simply getting up and walking around our home, workout in some type is very important to your recovery. Not only will it assist you heal better; it can minimize swelling, tone your muscles, and lower the possibility of embolism. Energetic exercise should normally be avoided for 4 to six weeks, unless given the go ahead and cleared by Dr. Truong.

Scars, for some people might planning to aggravate during the first 3 to 6 months as they recover. This is normal. You ought to expect it to take about nine months to a year for your marks to flatten out and lighten in color. They will never ever vanish completely; nevertheless, abdominal marks are put in a discreet area (under the pubic line), so it is not noticeable under many clothes or swimwear.