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Read through these candid reviews and see what other patients are saying about Chicago Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong.   It is well known that you can't make everyone happy, but Dr. Truong's rave reviews from patients all over the country demonstrate that you can come pretty close!

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I would like to say "THANK YOU", to Dr. Truong and his wonderful staff. Thinking about having surgery can be an overwhelming decision. You can go through so many different emotions. After finding Dr. Truong, my husband and I knew we had found the perfect match for what I wanted in my surgeon. Dr. Truong has the best "bedside manner ". From the moment I met him he was patient and took the time to address all my questions and concerns. The entire staff makes you feel so comfortable, like you're family. He is an amazing surgeon. I had a mommy makeover ( BA and TT) and I am amazed with my results. I wanted to look better after having 3 wonderful boys, but I didn't want to look like I had "something done". I look so natural, that people that have known me for so time couldn't figure out what was different. They just thought I looked really good. Which is a wonderful compliment! I look at my pictures of my body before my procedure, and I can't believe the difference.

Dr. Truong is an amazing Dr. with not only an amazing surgical talent, but has a caring personality as well. He is very direct and informational. He tells you what to expect and what not to expect, and I like that. I think this speaks to the fact that he is not one of those Plastic Surgeons who tries to get you to do more procedures. He is very conservative in how much he will do or not do and he is a perfectionist. He strives to give you the best possible outcome aesthetically, as well as what is best for your own health and well-being. I had a "Mommy Makeover" (Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/Augmentation) and I could not be happier with the results, as well as how quickly I recovered. The staff at Tampa Bay Surgical Arts is beyond expectations. They gave me their cell phone numbers to call about any concerns after my surgeries and are always so caring and professional. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Truong to close friends and family.

i.e., A local favorite, Don't bother looking into other surgeons. Dr. Troung and his entire staff is it. They will do whatever they can to make you comfortable before and after your procedure. The head nurse (Susan) even gave me her cell number and told me to call her if I needed to get a hold of her anytime of the day. Now that's aftercare. The lady that gave the negative review obviously needs a psychiatrist, not a surgeon who has her best interest in mind. TBSA is very professional and knowledgeable. I live about an hour and a half from his office and would gladly drive a lot further to see Dr. Troung and his staff.

Dr. Truong and their staff are just amazing!! I cannot express how wonderful they've made my life. Dr. Truong and Dr. Lee came highly recommended, and I was not disappointed.

helenreyes751 helenreyes751

Before meeting with Dr Truong I had already met with 4 other surgeons and was beginning to feel very discouraged. The day of my consultation (BA) he explained everything in detail, answered all my questions and I was finally excited and ready for surgery. With that said I scheduled my appointment that day and have never been happier with the decision I made. Dr Truong is someone I would recommend in a heart beat, he took what I was looking for into consideration and the final results exceeded my expectations. His staff is phenomenal and I greatly appreciate the confidence he has given me that I lacked prior to surgery. If you're looking for a Dr who truly values your opinions and has impecable bed side manner then Dr Troung is the way to go!!!!!! NU

Dr. Truong does outstanding work. After interviewing a few local doctors to have a breast augmentation done, Dr. Truong made me feel at ease. He explained the entire procedure and made me feel special (not just another number-waiting in line for surgery). He takes his time with all patients. My surgery was perfect! Very little pain, no scarring at all. No complications. Two years later, I am still go back to him for a follow-up and yet he still puts me at ease with a big smile on his face. Other the than surgery, I had bikini hair removal and botox. Again, wonderful work. Never had a complaint. I have referred many patients to him. All had same results! Thank you Dr. Truong

dawn.pereira dawn.pereira

Dr. Truong totally changed my looks and life. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for 11 years. I am only 40 and it was always a terrible feeling every time I had to get dressed or much less, get into a swimsuit. I went for a few consultations before I found Dr. Truong. I walked in his office and his staff is also absolutely amazing. They make you feel like you are at home and answered every question, need or concerns that I had until the surgery and after. I had my consultations with Dr. Truong and he was amazing. The day of surgery I was so ready and Dr. Truong answered all my questions and the facility was wonderful as well. I highly recommend Dr. Truong and his staff for any surgical/cosmetic needs or wants. I feel and look amazing. I will go back to him and his staff for anything I might want in the future. He is truly an artist and has an unbelievable gift!! Thanks so much to all of you there and for those reading this, do not hesitate, he is wonderful!!!!!!

I went to Dr. Truong for fuller, younger breasts, as well as lipo in my thighs. The Dr and his staff were awesome and made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. I absolutely love my new look and could have never achieved these results from exercise. I will only use him in the future and I highly recommend this professional team! I could never say enough about them and this Dr is a true artist in his profession!

Denise Hall Denise Hall

Dr. Truong is an outstanding MD. His work is truely magical and life changing. He will answer all of your questions and makes you feel comfortable and secure. If seeking cosmetic surgery, you must visit Dr. Truong!!!

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Great Doctor

I went to Dr. Truong for breast augmentation. After breastfeeding my now 3 year old daughter, my breast size decreased drastically. I went from a 36 A to a negative A cup. Dr. Truong answered all of my questions about the procedure and my choice of implant. His staff was very caring as well. I am now a 34 C and could not be any happier. He did an AMAZING job! My breasts are full and look very natural. If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, you must visit Dr. Truong!!!

Alexandra Zola Alexandra Zola
Review from

Best I've Seen

I had breast surgery with Dr Truong and I was very pleased and happy with my results and with how they looked and felt. I loved their staff and how fast, kind and accurate they were. Love Lve Love them!!!I highly recommend them!

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation
[Mommy Makeover]

Dr. Truong is the most caring and amazing surgeon there is. His work is done in a very professional manner and to the finest detail possible. I would highly reccomend him to anyone that is looking to have any work done. He performed a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on me-and lets just say that the results were beyond my expectations. I cant say enough about how great of a surgeon he is.

Reviewer Reviewer

I would highly recommend Dr. Truong and staff. I went to his office for a breast augmentation consultation and knew right away he was the doctor for me. He was honest, understanding and most of all, he listened to me. I booked my surgery and was excited to finally look and feel my best. The morning of my surgery was finally here! My Husband took me to the surgery center and the staff prepared me for the O.R. Dr. Truong came in and talked to me a bit, then walked me into the operating room. I woke up feeling groggy, but I had full breasts! I was in recovery for an hour or so when Dr. Truong came to see me. I was released and went home straight to bed. By the next evening I was at the mall! I didn't need my pain meds anymore either! I am very satisfied with my results. I honestly can say that I would do it all over again. It was a very easy procedure for me even being I have never even had a tooth pulled. I have had a few checkups with Dr. Truong and everything is going well. I will definitely be going back to him in the future.

Reviewer Reviewer

Before meeting with Dr. Truong I had been dealing with years of unhappiness with the work done by a previous doctor. I had met with several plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay area and felt most confident with Dr. Truong and his ability to correct my breast. Dr. Truong had me at ease after explaining to me what his vision was for my final outcome. I did a lot of research on Dr. Truong and have also known others he has worked on and have heard nothing but great things. After a fairly easy recovery I was amazed at the results I saw when the bandage came off!!!It was better than I even imagined!!! Dr. Truong had his work cut out for him and he more than delivered!!! Ive never been so happy with my body! Even weeks after my procedure his follow-up and sincerity that he gives to each of his clients is more than anyone could ask for. The staff at Tampa Bay Surgical Arts is so friendly and helpful. They make me feel right at home! Thank you Dr. Truong and the wonderful staff at Tampa Bay Surgical Arts!!!

Reviewer Reviewer

My Miracle

I must say Thank You!!!!! Dr. Truong and his Nurses!!! From the first day I walked into the office, Dr Truong and Staff made me feel at home! They are friendly, warm and they have the right words of comfort to make you feel comfortable with the Doctor. I had a complex with my chest, after 20 years of marriage still kept myself covered because I disliked my flat chest. I have wanted to have a breast augmentation since I was 18, Now at 43: I am so happy that I waited and Chose Dr. truang. He knows what he is doing!!!! I wanted to go to what I thought was the right size for my frame Yet he stated, that I could pull off a larger size. Glade I LISTENED. I went to a 400cc and it Looks So Natural. His front staff and Head Nurse Susan made me feel like FAMILY. I received a call the day of surgery, the next day and followed up day five and The Office front staff treated me like a person and even more so Family. I had such a great experience that I Bragg about the entire office as well as his work!! I truly recommend Dr Truong because he did such a wonderful job, and my Husband whom was not too convinced, Loves My New Twins as he Is Very Happy with the Results. Thank you Tampa bay Surgical Arts, Thank YOU Dr TRUONG!!!!!!!!

Dr Truong changed my world!

Oct 2013 I went to Dr Truong for a tummy tuck, got 2 other opinions and felt Dr Truong was the right Doctor and office. I had (more than 20 years ago) several stomach surgeries and was left with an "Apron" on one side, add to weight gain and it was positively unseemly. Dr Truong did my Surgery in June 2013. I can tuck in my blouse!! The change in looking in the mirror is awesome - I am very happy with my decision and the outcome. The staff and the Doctor are really wonderful - I had poor Suzie on my speed dial and she was the epitome of kindness and courtesy. If you are thinking of surgery - go see DR TRUONG!!

Berneice Berneice

Dr. Truong and his staff are the best!!!

I would like to say "THANK YOU", to Dr. Truong and his wonderful staff. Thinking about having surgery can be an overwhelming decision. You can go through so many different emotions. After finding Dr. Truong, my husband and I knew we had found the perfect match for what I wanted in my surgeon. Dr. Truong has the best "bedside manner ". From the moment I met him he was patient and took the time to address all my questions and concerns. The entire staff makes you feel so comfortable, like you're family. He is an amazing surgeon. I had a mommy makeover ( BA and TT) and I am amazed with my results. I wanted to look better after having 3 wonderful boys, but I didn't want to look like a had "something done". I look so natural, that people that have known me for so time couldn't figure out what was different. They just thought I looked really good. Which is a wonderful compliment! I look my pictures of my body before my procedure, and I can't believe the difference. I can honestly say the having Dr. Truong as my surgeon is the best choice that I made. He truly is a surgeon who cares about his patients.

R. Suarez R. Suarez

Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong Changed my Life

I want to give praise to Dr.Truong and his staff for changing my life and the way I feel about myself. I had wanted a tummy tuck for 11 years and never thought my tummy would be as beautiful as it is today, and that being said, in only a month from the surgery. I stongly and highly recommend Dr. Truong and staff for any procedure that is needed or wanted. The office environment is amazing, they make you feel as if your at home and will answer all questions needed. As well as, just chatting with you to see how you are, etc. Words cannot express the appreciation, as well as letting anyone that read's this to know how THanks so much to Dr. Tuan and staff, you forever changed my life!

Reviewer Reviewer

I would recommend Dr. Truong to any of my family or friends. He's a brilliant surgeon. I feel great!! Dr Truong helped me understand the procedure before and after surgery. Great bedside manner! Thanks, Dr. Truong!!

Reviewer Reviewer

If you are looking for a professional, caring MD I would highly recommend Dr. Truong. I have been a patient of his for almost six months now and I am highly satisfied with my results. His staff and himself are very frinedly and his office is clean and comfortable. Also, he is extremely well priced considering his profession (plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures). I will be a returning patient, and I have had such good results that even some of my family members are now going to him. Very satisfied customer!

Reviewer Reviewer

Emergency Gallblader Removal

Great bedside manner. Made himself available to me in order to address the 2cm gall stone found in the tests I had that morning.He explained everything he was going to do in plain English and had no "airs" about him that made me feel inferior or stupid. He answered every question I had, Both he and his assistant Dr. Hogan had service oriented demeanors and kind faces that immediately made me feel I was in good hands.I have not yet had any experience with his office but will update my rating upond my follow up appointment.

Reviewer Reviewer
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I'm 29 Years Old, Mother of Three.

I knew before I was even 18 I wanted a breast augmentation. Had always had small breasts and held an insecurity about them. After having two children they became even more "deflated". As much as I wanted a breast augmentation, I was terrified of the procedure. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and the thought of being put under Scared me. I spoke with several plastic surgeons in the Tampa
Sunnydayz423 Sunnydayz423

Rewarding Myself for Hard Work

At 26 years old, I had a Breast Augmentation with Mentor Memory Gel Silicone implants. I had 400cc / 425cc, and went from a small A to a small D. The results were amazing, and more than I could have wanted.

At 27, I had Liposuction to my abdomen and thighs. I was obese throughout my teenage years, and after losing almost 100 pounds, I had just a few problem areas that needed help. There was minimal pain and bruising, and I was again amazed at the results.

I consulted Dr. Truong for a Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck procedure after consulting with other physicians in my local area of Sarasota, and not feeling confident with having them perform the surgeries. Dr. Truong was very informative about both procedures, and actually explained that if I was to have a tummy tuck at 26 years old, the results may be destroyed if I were to have children later in life, and I was better off to have liposuction to the area of concern. None of the other physicians I had consulted with had mentioned that, and I was grateful that Dr. Truong was honest about it instead of just taking my money. I couldn't be happier with the results of both surgeries! Dr. Truong was very caring throughout the recovery process, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a cosmetic procedure. He was worth the drive from Sarasota, and I will be returning for any future needs.

kziemba83 kziemba83

Breast Lift with Augmentation

My surgery went very smoothly. I had limited pain afterwards. I didn't even have to take any of the pain medication that was prescribed. So far, the incisions are healing nicely. Great experience overall. Everyone at Dr. Truong's office and everyone at the surgical facility has been pleasant to work with.

Doctor Truong is very easy to talk to and deal with. Everyone of his office staff is amazing!

23 Years Old, Student

I had small breasts. My motivation for the surgery was solely to attain larger breasts. My recovery has gone smoothly and I'm very pleased with my results. I am two weeks post op and pain free, for the most part. Aside from some nerve pain, I have full range of motion in my arms. My incision scars are very thin and almost invisible!

Dr. Truong was very professional and truly catered to my desires and preferred outcomes for my breast augmentation. His staff is also very friendly and helpful. I've had a wonderful overall experience.

CSolimeno CSolimeno

It Was About Time I Did Something for Myself

Dr troung was very professional, considerate, educated and talented. I was very nervous on my first visit. Doctor and his staff made me feel at ease with their top notch excellence. He explained everything in terms I could understand and I knew what to expect. Surgery and recovery went well, august will be my one year check up. I am so glad that I had the surgery and I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr troung and staff!

Life Changing

I had abdominolplasty on Nov.14,2013 performed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong in Brandon, FL.

It was outpatient surgery. My drains came out after 4 days. Healing amazingly well. Followup with DR is thorough and Im on my way to a speedy recovery. Incredible work perfomed.

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